Social Media Infographics

HomePrezzo is the fastest way to create infographics for social media. There are five different infographic templates in the HomePrezzo platform meaning you can post a different one into your Facebook or Instagram posts each week. Share your posts with residents who live in the vicinity of your office, target potential vendors or share with current buyers to keep them abreast of the market. Mix it up even more by alternating between dark and light templates. 

Median sales price

 If your suburb has been performing strongly, show off the growth with a Median Sales infographic and share it with potential vendors, your landlords or buyers in the area to help them understand realistic prices. 

Days on market 

This is a great infographic to show current and potential vendors how long it is taking for property to sell in their area, ensuring they have realistic expectations about the marketing that will be needed. 

Median rent

This infographic can be targeted at tenants and investors to show how the rental market is performing. 

Number of sales

This is a great template to use in smaller markets or where you don't have enough data to show a median sales price or if prices are falling. It demonstrates how well traded the suburb is.

Median value

This is another great template to use in markets where there is not enough data for a median sales price because the volumes of sales have been low. 

Training Videos


Here's how to select your own properties to showcase in HomePrezzo suburb videos. 



It's easy to share videos created in HomePrezzo on social media channels. Here's how.


Upload your photo and logo and select your colours to make creating your videos easy.