Does social media really matter?

I found a really good article from Real Estate Business explaining expected changes that are coming to Facebook. While I’m sure most won’t action everything in the article for me two components stand out.
Unless you have a mass following on Facebook you should probably be discussing with your vendors a budget for social media marketing. The stats are mind-blowing.
99% of 18-29-year-old and 96% of 30-39-year-old people are accessing social media on a regular basis and 95% of those are accessing Facebook. Not only will you be exposing your vendor’s property to a wider audience, you will also be placing your name and image in front of the next wave of sellers.
The second part that is just as important if not more important than the first is creating high-value content. People skim over social media posts and only stop for brief moments so you need to capture them quickly. Working with a range of agents throughout Australia HomePrezzo has developed a range of automated listing videos that are not only visually appealing and designed to catch people’s eye, they are designed to be created and shared on social media in less than 2 minutes.
Ask yourself this. Does my Social media strategy entice people to look at me when it comes time to list?

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